House Of Bazaar

It was a great experience and honored to be chosen by Harper Bazaar to have a private tour and enter the world of Harper Bazaar Arabia. 

It was a beautiful and interesting journey where we enter four pretty rooms fills of magnificent decoration for each concept. We entered the wellness room and met  Dalia Dogmoch Soubra, Bazaar’s food editor and showed us healthy energic recipes and Maddison Glendinning, Bazaar’s digital & features editor. Afterthat, we went to thecloset room where we have met the fashion and beauty editor of HarpersBazaarArabia Gemma Louise Deeks  and the beautiful Rosemin. Afterwards, we have met the makeup artist Toni Malt of Chanel Middle East and been introduced to the new Chanel lipstick collection and they were beautiful collection And stays for a long time. I am  now using Rouge Allure Ink Matte liquid lip colour 152 and what I like about it that it has soft and stong colour and doesn’t dry your lip and it’s true that it stays for more than 4 hours now. and then to the last the gallary room which is a beautiful place for Amir H Fallah art pieces.

Cosmopolitan Awards 2016

It was a great experience and an honour to be one of the finalists for cosmopolitan awards in best use of photography and i was honoured to nominated next to my lovely stylish Zahralyla and the amazing and known flatlay photographer Tjasha. Both of them couldn’t make it because Zahralyla is in Paris for the fashion week and Tjasha got fever in the same day of the event.

In the day of the cosmoawards it was exciting though to live the experience. We checked in to the beautiful Kempinesky hotel in mall of the emirates and where they host the awards.

The awards event wasn’t like any awards that have been holding in the uae. You can say it was so Cosmopolitan !! So funky and fun and we were merging and walking around and meeting lovely personalities in the party. I really liked the Djs music and I had fun with Alaa and Amira. 

I would like to thank also my husband for being very supportive on that day and for makibg us really having a good time

Oh did i win? No i didn’t but i was very very happy and so pleased that many many really voted for me . My very big family. All of my friends and you guys and all the people who direct msg me saying they voted. I know u guys were excited and wanted me to win but being just nominated for cosmopolitan and that they chose me for that was really great and big step for me since i started few months only.

I promise you i will work harder and i hope u keep supporting me 

Thank you guys!!


Fatma Hilal

Manolo Blahnik Special prices and cakes 

It was a day to remember … My friend and I had fun doing this exciting flatlay for Manolo Blahnik shoes !! It was little bit sad that some colours are not going to be produce anymore but the great news they were on great sale!

Also i picked some of the new collection and ladies fav shoes from the collection and let’s not forget the flower shoes! It was like a master pieces. Oh actually all manolo’s are a master pieceses but this one was colourful with the beautiful tiny details of flowers. 

I grabbed some cakes from larose shop and decorated the top by myself to match the flatlay shoot of my vision of manolos

Enjoy the photos 


Fatma Hilal

My fun time with Woodwatches 

It was a beautiful experience may i say since the day i had it. I was waiting and excited for it when it arrived finally with this beautiful wood box. I have to tell you that i had a crush on wood. I love wood so much since i was a kid when i saw toys shop in london and they had this beautiful toy building made all by wood and i lost them somehow i was so kid.. I went again few yrs later but all replaced with plastics. you can’t imagen how many toy stores we went to find similar wood toys but we didn’t unfortunately. I even went to uae shops but no luck. then I grew up and i changed my room with wood floor and i was so picky when it came with it. I always had this fantasy wood house, wood floor, wood everything but since it’s hot in here I was carefull with my picks.

so you can imagen how picky i was when i saw the watch, what i noticed how soft it feels in my hand and how soooooo light. you can’t feel it. You even forget you have a watch until everyone asking you about. whenever i go, it got attention which is great to introduce it to them. Woodwatches have different crazy beautiful styles you can pick from specially if you love wood and fancy looking watches.

you can visit their website to pick your favourite watch and you can get AN EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY just to enter the form in this link. The winner will receive a $75 coupon, and any other entries will receive a $20 coupon

to view the same Cora watch as mine click here

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Wood Watch Review

GOSSIP Cafe , your way to express love

Gossip cafe well known in sharjah matajer mall and now in dubai boxpark

Been there with my friend and they were kind enough to explain for me why everybody love gossip cafe.

They have free lactose desserts as well which i sometimes suffer from lactose, but you have to order them earlier to give them time to do it for you.

I loved their bagel breads with hallomi and others with sweet in it. 

I loved the boxpark Gossip Cafe dector and their big windows !! Their own brands in the cupcakes and coffees and their positive words in mini stones in their tables.

I can’t explain their desserts i will let my photos to explain for you how good they are.

I don’t have to recommend it for you because i know each of you visited them even before i did and loved it. You know how good are their breakfast, lunch, dinner and their afternoon tea!!!

Gossip Cafe boxpark no. +971 4 343 0181

And their website:

Craft Cafe

CraftCafe in Dubai Design District, I went there specially for this interesting Cafe, Where all the people who work there actually creative and friendly. I can’t more explain it how but when you will enter it you will know it’s actually different from other cafes around. The way they serve and how detailed, different, unique their dishes are. Chef Roberto was concentrated by the love of his work and creativity to make each dish as healthy as it could be but wait… it’s actually delicious and you can’t forget the taste! specially in the avocado rustic toast topped with fried yummy egg! in fact the best egg eye I’ve ever tasted in my life and i am not kidding because I’m so picky when it comes with breakfast and food and with balsamic reduction and toasted seeds. All of them together comes to my brain in a beautiful tasty dish! and the bread that Roberto himself invented it, It was my favourite, so crunchy delicious melting bread.

and wait the prices are amazing and very reasonable for everyday healthy and yummy meal and CraftCafe also surprising us with new different menu each month.

I was late to post this because I was worried to not give this place the description that it deserves and I can’t. The only thing I can say just go there for breakfast or lunch and you will not stop thinking about their meals and how it tastes. Their juices , fruits and coffees and also the special almond latte !

Now I’m hungry again when I started to remember the taste … I hope the images I shot will explain what I mean

you can find them in instagram @craftcafeae and their website

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My Experience With Rice.Bites 

What a beautiful afternoon when my cousin visited us with a special big delivery from rice.bites. Thw whole thing was amazing. We took the desserts to outdoor and enjoyed everything with other friends and cousins. Until the end of the day nothing actually left. This is how delicious, crunshy and light it was. 

Rice.bites is a home business and you can order in their Instagram account @rice.bites you really have to try them. They have different packages from small for two pieces to large about 40 pieces for many visitors