GOSSIP Cafe , your way to express love

Gossip cafe well known in sharjah matajer mall and now in dubai boxpark

Been there with my friend and they were kind enough to explain for me why everybody love gossip cafe.

They have free lactose desserts as well which i sometimes suffer from lactose, but you have to order them earlier to give them time to do it for you.

I loved their bagel breads with hallomi and others with sweet in it. 

I loved the boxpark Gossip Cafe dector and their big windows !! Their own brands in the cupcakes and coffees and their positive words in mini stones in their tables.

I can’t explain their desserts i will let my photos to explain for you how good they are.

I don’t have to recommend it for you because i know each of you visited them even before i did and loved it. You know how good are their breakfast, lunch, dinner and their afternoon tea!!!

Gossip Cafe boxpark no. +971 4 343 0181

And their website: www.gossipthebrand.com


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