Ladurée The One And Only

It was a beautiful morning in Ladurée JBR. My friends and I had a lovely breakfast then lunch. Ladurée JBR is different from it’s other shops because of the location and amazing view of jumairah beach. When I went upstairs I found a beautiful place they have made for parties, babyshowers and girls gathering for tea and colourfull macarons!

Louis Ernest Ladurée opened his first bakery in Rue Royale, Paris in 1862. But it actually started with his grandson Pierre Desfontaines, who got the idea of sticking two macaron shells together with a creamy ganache as filling and opened the first tearoom in the pastry shop where ladies can sit and enjoy.

Actually, In the early 90s, Ladurée have only one shop which is in Rue Royale and then in the 90s famous Champs-Élysées and in Le Printemps Haussmann in 1997. This because The group holder and also owner of PAUL bakery took over Ladurée and started a chain in 1993. I was lucky to be in Paris in that time.

In 2002 they opened Ladurée Bonaparte and only in 2005 Ladurée went international and this all happened because of David Holder the Chairman of Ladurée and Vice Chairman of The holder group.

Everyone know that Ladurée is a different Bakery Shop especially for women who love the atmosphere of the place. Once you are in Paris especially in the 90s, you must enter Ladurée and you must take few macarons in their pastel boxes for your loved ones. and if you got one as a gift, it was a big complement. Ladurée still till now have it’s unique that no one can copy. Ladies can’t get enough of Ladurée, they want their catering, to have parties in Ladurée style and now all their desires came true finally and In Dubai Ladurée can manage what you want in their big Upscale Bakery in JBR, Where they can host your party or they come to you to manage your event.

Tél. : +971 4 551 5797

Email :

I would like to thank Ladurée for their great host and delicious gifts.




Bertin Bistro And The Journey Of Love

In Alsace where located in the Northeast of France, that borders both Germany and Switzerland. A boy named Bertin of the family of a long line of master chefs and bakers is born and named Bertin

18-year old Bertin was baking hard as usual when she came into the shop , a black long hair with green pretty eyes .. His first beating of love, Selena. and this is how it all started.

When you are entering Bertin Bistro you are entering a world you have never been experiencing before. All his best dishes been inspired by his love Selena and he made her fav Pain Perdu perfect because she order it everyday. It’s actually became everyone’ favorite, the only place you will only going to have the Pain Perdu in Bertin Bistro and live the story all over again and you will keep wanting it all the time.

Bertin is one of my favorite places in Dubai and one of the best to serve breakfast and sweets. They located in Sheikh Zayed Road, Almanara Street.

I would love to thank the team for their great hospitality

For location and more info visit the website: 



My Day In Louis Vuitton

Everyone who knows me will know i can’t get enough from louis vuitton. All the explanation i did for years and why i need another bag from LV. 

I went with my cousin to have new nano pallas and Alma BB. They are light and great for long walk and traveling . I’ve got a beautiful surprise in louisvuitton from my friend there Elena with beautiful  flowers. She made my day and it was such a lovely day.


A Beautiful Day With Friends

I always love to have my friends at home and since i was a little girl, oh wait I’m still a little girl 🙂 anyway you know what i mean, i loved to watch martha stweart when she used to show the house and the food and how she take care of her towels, gardens and food and the table of you used to watch you will know what i mean because it was before her studio show.

I also enjoyed lifestyle magazines and how to sit the table and always was taking care of the etiquette and read about new techniques in magazines. Then in the 90s started to know about small cocktails parties which really interested me and used to watch foodstylist and event designers having them and how they managed mini small cups that have healthy snacks and quick salads. I got crazy about and used to have them for my family and friends. I also wrote in a magazine how to arrange a table for guests in 10 mins with the things you have at home or garden.

I decided to share with you from time to time some photos i will be taking of my small branch or event i do at home and to help you know where you can get similar items if you are interested.

Few days ago, i had somw friends came for a half day shoot at my home and we are almost 6 people and since we started early i decided to make a quick branch so we can have what we need during the morning and afternoon.

I used this time in my table a two Artesˆà hand finish slate plates with an acacia wood base and a cloche glass domed lid. I got them as gifts with other Artesa cheese board and knife set and cheese wedge cloche. They are now my favorite actually because it save a place in your table and as you can see in the photo i put cheese and martadella in one and the other brownies also you put two kinds of sweet in one. I really love it and strongly recommend them.

You can have the set of Artesa online in amazon or

I will do share more with you later too

All the Photos taken by iPhone6

My experience with maisonmathis 

For me it was a dream came true. A girl who live an hour from dubai and always wanted a very near comfortable and my own style of a cafe. I like to sit and have my coffee or food in a place giving me inspiration and relax time. I even wanted to make one just to sit and let others enjoy too which is not easy in where do we live. Finally maison mathis came infront of my eyes and i couldn’t believe it. I was so happy because not only they have classy chic white decor design, their breakfast is really really good. To be honest i tried many restaurants and cafes but not everyone is good in breakfast and i think you do agree!

I tried first their breakfast and it was so delicious and i adored their crispy bread and soya latte.

Ofcourse i came back again and again… and again and tried their other menu options.  It’s perfect for meeting your friends and family excellent survices as well.

You can check their near location for you at


I’m here

Been blogging for many years then stopped then came back with fashion photography work then I stopped after all these years in photography which made me sad, then came back with fashion blog and it was hard to manage both my instagram and the other instagram and fashion blog I found out and after many of my close ones advices that it’s better to be all under my own name with writing directly of what I feel about what i experienced.

I started with my parter my own line of comfy T shirts and candles by using only lettering I’ve done in tablet. It wasn’t easy as it looked but it was fun and made of love.

In my blog, Me and you will start a journey of fashion, lifestyle and my work and I hope you will enjoy as I do.